Dissipation Array™ System

Statistically Proven as the Most Effective Direct Lightning Strike Protection Solution in the Industry.

Need for More Effective Lightning Protection
  • The world has change drastically with the rapid progression of technology but lightning protection for such advancement has not change since Benjamin Fraqnklin's invention (1750)
  • Increased equipment vulnerability due to migration from era of Electrical/Analog to Digital/Electronics
  • Increased Dependency on Automation and Artificial Intelligence demands "zero" downtime
  • Requirement of system reliability for continuous Critical Operations
HOW the DAS™ work's?

The DAS™ comprises of 3 major components : the Ionizer, Down Conductor and Ground Electroder. Under the influence of the thunderstorm, the DAS™ continuously transfers charges from the surface of the earth up to the Ionizer, dissipating these charges into the air to create a corona space charges above the protected facility. This corona space charge provides a shielding effect for the objects of protection from the influence of electric field generated by the storm. The protection principle is to suppress or delay the formation of upward streamers generated from the protected facility. This makes the facility the least potential position to generate a counter leader, a necessary pre-cursor to a complete lightning termination. NO COUNTER LEADERS, NO LIGHTNING TERMINATION.

ONEMARI Builders and Communication Services Inc.

Dissipation Array™ System

Dissipation Array™ System is a unique and effective solution for preventing direct lightning strike termination to critical facilities. Its proven capabilities have been verified by over 40, 000 system years of positive track records. The DAS™ has been relied upon by many of the Fortune 500 companies and respectable organizations all around the world.

Highlights of the DAS™
  • Successful Mode : Strike PREVENTION
  • Fail Safe Mode : Controlled Lightning Termination
  • Maintenance Free System
  • Passive System (no power source needed)
  • Engineered Solution, Customized Design
  • All Time Protection
Benefits of DAS™
  • Significant Improvement for personnel Safety
  • Maximized Return On Investment (ROI) of Equipment
  • Ensure Reliability of Electronic Equipment
  • Maintain Continuity of Critical Operations
  • Avoid Catastrophic Destuction of Critical Facilities due to Lightning
  • Effective Protection from Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse (LEMP) Effects
Where are DAS™ Implemented